Kromek’s scintillation detectors

Kromek’s scintillator radiation detectors are perfect for radiation detection in the field and in the lab. Clients have flown them on drones, built them into large detector arrays and other devices. If you need fast detection in an easy to use package this is what you need.

Having worked in the nuclear industry for over 15 years, we understand the wants and needs of our customers.

Our radiation detectors for the civil nuclear sector, high energy physics products and other nuclear physics products are used worldwide by people that work with nuclear material in the lab, industry, research or in the field. Hundreds of organisations use our detectors or components to measure, identify and locate nuclear material. Our products are used in facilities throughout the world where detection of radioactivity is essential, uses range from nuclear power plants to waste sites from university physics labs to school classrooms.

These are Kromek's most used scintillation detectors:

Sigma scintillaton gamma radiation detector

SIGMA scintillator detectors

Our SIGMA range of CsI(Tl) thallium activated caesium iodide scintillator radiation detectors offer up to 32.8 cm3 of detection volume, delivered in a package providing significant benefits in cost, size, weight, and temperature stability.

D3S ID Gamma Neutron RIID in Search Mode showing doses and isotope identification

D3S wearable personal radiation detectors

The D3S range of personal radiation detectors replaces PRD personal radiation detectors, SPRD spectroscopic personal radiation detectors and RIID radioisotope identification device with ONE device that fulfils all these functions.