D5 RIID and the Armed Forces – A long standing relationship

Military personnel across the globe are using our D5 RIID in the battle against radiological attacks, ensuring the safety of everyone they serve.

Since its launch in 2020, the relationship that Military Personnel across the world have built with the Kromek D5 RIID has continues to go from strength to strength. Throughout the development stage, the team worked closely with the Defence Threat Reduction Agency of the US Department of Defence, enabling us to ensure the RIID was fit for purpose.

For any military operation, the ultimate goal is to ensure not only the safety of the individual, but the safety and livelihood of the people and country they serve. We designed the D5 RIID with this in mind. We wanted to ensure that any individual from any regiment of the armed forces was able to use the device, but also decipher the information that it provided, allowing for decisive and instant action to be taken. The device is designed to be used on extended adjudication missions. The detector resolution and advanced algorithm enables rapid identification of potential radioactive threats. This allows accurate in-field adjudication of special Nuclear Materials (SNM), even when heavily masked during tactical response missions, for those currently using the D5 RIID, the capability of the device to be networked to lone systems solely used by that individual force, or to be linked to the larger SIGMA network, enabling cooperative working between multiple forces, government bodies and industries.

As missions become longer, more complex and reach bigger, more dangerous areas, the D5 has been designed to withstand these harsh and challenging environments. with its operational range of -20°C to +50°C, it functions regardless of humidity, temperature shock, being dropped or fully submerged in water, ensuring any soldier is solely concentrated on the mission at hand.

The D5 in action

There are many reasons why the D5 RIID has been adopted by armed forces across the world, firstly, its ability to detect and identify sources from a distance, ensuring your safety and secondly, the RIID comes in at just 660g, compared with legacy instruments often weighing more than 2kg. With a myriad of equipment already on your persons, this lightweight device doesn’t hamper your operation or drastically add weight and can be both belt and body worn.

Keep the country you know and love safe with the D5 RIID

Defence departments need dedicated systems and instruments to secure personnel and equipment and to support emergency services in case of a CBRN threat. The D5 RIID’s small size and weight along with high sensitivity make it ideal for prolonged onehanded security screening operations, as well as discreet monitoring. It fits securely onto a utility belt, can be handheld and takes away the need for cumbersome solutions that hinder you in your role.

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