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Events all around!

The time for hotdogs, fireworks, parades and big get-togethers is almost upon us.

Large community and city-wide events such as the Fourth of July require extensive organisation and management from the get-go. Streets and parks are bustling with people and queues of traffic are heading in and out of the city at all times. There’s a lot to keep on track of, making events such as these potential targets of invisible threats, such as radiological, nuclear or biological attacks. Once the incident has transpired, the health, psychological, economical, political and environmental consequences that follow can be extensive and far-reaching; it’s best the incident be prevented before it even begins.

But don’t panic! You can still enjoy your BBQs, concerts and all the celebrations. There’s a solution to react proactively, and remain prepared at all times. Let’s keep large-scale events as safe as possible, without compromising any of the fun.


How do you safeguard an entire city?

Sounds easy, right?!

Complete radiological, nuclear and biological protection of a large area, such as a city, requires complex planning coordination between remote decision-makers, emergency responders, health authorities and other relevant authorities and institutes. Constant updates regarding the identity and whereabouts of illicit radiological sources or pathogen outbreaks must be shared rapidly amongst these relevant organisations. With such information, together, they can elicit the appropriate, prepared responses in the affected area(s).

All this is possible with an early warning system consisting of networked, high performance detectors.

Now, it sounds much easier.


Connecting all the dots

Kromek’s detectors can be integrated into any existing alarm network, providing widespread situational awareness across a target area, optimal for area monitoring and event management.

Converging all real-time radiation readings and alerts into one place, actionable intelligence can be delivered to the relevant authorities and institutions, allowing a coordinated response. Remote decision-makers are supplied with reliable spectral data from a range of static, mobile and handheld/wearable detectors positioned all over the target area or city. As a result, the precise location of a radioactive source can be pinpointed and then tracked if it’s on the move. Context-specific action can be taken by those at the scene and remotely in a timely manner, safeguarding the public, themselves, their team and the entire city.

Detectors connecting to the overview platform

As for biological threat detection, Kromek is developing an integrated environmental monitoring system. Completing Next Generating sequencing in-field and operating autonomously, this system is being designed to overcome the current limitations of lack of expert attention and infrastructure availability. When networked, multiple systems positioned at key locations supply health authorities and other decision-makers with agnostic biological data from all over a city. Threats can be identified down to species level, meaning the severity and dynamics of an outbreak can be gauged, and countermeasures rapidly enacted.

Now the city is secured. Let’s get this party started!


Ready to safeguard your city?


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