D3S and KSpect – Radiation bundle for learning and education

A radiation detection unit used for learning and educating students about radiation and the world of physics

D3S detector and KSpect Software Bundle

The D3S is the perfect portable gamma-ray spectrometer that can be utilised for educational purposes in teaching concepts of radiation as well as for training in the use of radiation sensors.

It is an “all-in-one” detector that negates the other equipment needed when using Photomultiplier-based detectors, so you don’t need a high voltage supply, shaper amplifier or multichannel analyser as they are all incorporated into the detector – and that all is needed is laptop with a USB.

At just five inches tall it’s smaller than your average smartphone. Its compact size and quick set-up time makes it ideally suited for individual or small group projects, laboratory-based teaching, classroom demonstrations and field studies.

Originally developed for the US Government’s DARPA program, the D3S makes available for the first time technology that was previously only available to Defense Agencies and Homeland Security personnel. More than 12,000 detectors are currently deployed wordwide.

This unique instrument utilizes a Csl(Tl) gamma detector, which enables room temperature operation with excellent energy resolution.

The D3S contains an internal rechargeable (via USB) Lithium ion battery which enables extended use for field studies of up to 12 hours.

The D3S is easy to use and connects directly to any Windows-based (8 or 10) PC or tablet for operation and requires no consumables or re-calibration. It comes with K-Spect®, Kromek’s entry-level acquisition and analysis software, which is available to download, free of charge, from the Kromek website.

K-Spect® receives the data and performs the spectrum acquisition, display, analysis and storage function. Signals from the solid-state detector are processed and digitised, and the pulse height data is transferred to the computer via the mini-USB.

D3S radiation detector unit has gamma and neutron detector units and is designed for high dose environments

K-Spect Software

Acquisition and analysis software

D3S is supported by K-Spect®, Kromek’s entry-level software which is available to download, free of charge here

K-Spect® allows users to acquire live spectra from the detector, as well as the ability to display, analyse, load and store data through a mini-USB connection to a computer.

KSpect Software Spec

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