MultiSpect gamma spectroscopy software and SQL Server 2008


MultiSpect and SQL Server 2000

This is a quick automatic update which has been successfully deployed. It moves our gamma spectroscopy software from SQL Server 2008 which is now Microsoft end-of-life. You will see nothing different in the way KSpect and MultiSpect work or look.

MultiSpect and Windows 7

We will make another change in January 2020. Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 on 14 January 2020. In line with this, Kromek will end official support for the MultiSpect family on Windows 7 on the same date. Support for Windows 8 and later will continue unaffected.


Not using our gamma spectroscopy software yet?

If you are not using our gamma spectroscopy software yet you can learn more about them here:

Do you want to connect your own radiation detector to our gamma spectroscopy software

You can do this using our K102 Multichannel analyser. It accepts shaped pulses from a range of gamma radiation detectors, digitizes the pulse heights, and sends the data to a PC via the USB bus. The  USB bus also powers the device so no external power supply is needed.

Read more on the K102 page:

K102 Multichannel Analyser for gamma spectroscopy

K102 Multichannel Analyser for gamma spectroscopy


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