Kromek welcomes invited speakers and guests to their annual Emerging Technology and Future Concepts Showcase


On 26th January 2023, Kromek hosted the annual Emerging Technology and Future Concept Showcase at the Royal Academy of Engineering in Central London. This year’s event was designed to demonstrate the breadth of Kromek’s Radiological and Biological Threat Detection capabilities to invited industry guests and to provide a forum for constructive debate with a range of stakeholders.

The afternoon started with a welcome from our CEO, Arnab Basu, outlining the vision for the for the next phase of the company’s evolution and global ambitions. This was then followed by Kromek’s Head of Biotechnology at Kromek, Jamie Marsay, who outlined the importance of bio-detection, discussing our growing strength in this field and the various developments of technologies including Automated Pathogen Detection and Next Generation Sequencing.

The emphasis then switched to Kromek’s CBRN Business Manager, Craig Duff, who presented the portfolio of Kromek’s Radiation Detection Products and Solutions, including the Static Node R, a fully relocatable, networkable detection unit, optimised for war torn countries.

Following this, invited guest speakers including Matt Wrigley, Executive Officer for Hala’s operations in Ukraine, Oleg Voitsekhovych, Head of the Environmental Radiation Monitoring Department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, Dr Vincent Tang, Principal Deputy Director of the NIF and Photon Science Directorate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Col (Ret) Hamish de Bretton-Gordon gave an insight into the partnerships that we have built across the world, including a current case study on the integration of Kromek’s products into worn-torn countries. In addition, Kromek Chairman, Rakesh Sharma OBE, spoke on the important role that Kromek and the Northeast plays in reassuring a generation, building trust and ensuring a safer and healthier world.

In the early evening, Kromek held a reception at the same venue, where members of the defence specialist and financial media were briefed on Kromek’s products and technologies.

The day closed with a thought leadership dinner, in which the Kromek senior leadership team were joined by a select group of senior politicians, academics and CBRN experts, to discuss ‘The War in Ukraine: global nuclear risks, mitigations and resilience’.

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