Kromek to Exhibit at the SRP Conference in Aberdeen


Kromek, the County Durham-based developer of radiation detectors, will be exhibiting at the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) Annual Conference at The Event Complex, Aberdeen, Scotland from 25th-27th April 2023, on Stand 1.

The conference will be one of the first opportunities this year for Kromek to demonstrate its latest suite of specialist detectors designed for civil nuclear applications. On display will be the RayMon, used to detect, measure, and accurately identify gamma-ray emitting radionuclides, providing high-resolution isotope identification using the latest cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) solid-state detector technology. The combination of spectroscopy and very high count rate capability at room temperature enables more accurate readings at lower dose rates, ideal for medical, industrial, homeland security and laboratory applications.

Kromek will also be presenting its GR1 range of CZT-based, high-performance, self-contained Gamma spectrometers and its Quantitative Analysis detectors and software: shielded containers with in-built CZT-based Gamma detectors for accurate analysis of samples either in laboratory or field conditions. Also on display will be the TN15 device, a cost-effective, highly sensitive Thermal Neutron detector, which can be used in room temperature conditions. It is ideal for both education and environmental monitoring. The Sigma 25 and 50 Caesium iodide scintillator Gamma radiation detectors will also be on the stand.

The GR1, TN15 and both models of the Sigma detector can all be used within Kromek’s AARM (Autonomous Airborne Radiation Monitoring) unit which attaches to drones and unmanned rovers for wide area monitoring and measuring.

Kromek’s CBRN Business Manager, Craig Duff, said “We decided to exhibit at SRP for a second year so we can engage with the end user community about the latest developments in the Kromek family of detectors and discuss the products we have in our pipeline. Our home-grown CZT technology has enabled us to develop a wide range of products for the civil nuclear sector. We are also excited to showcase our updated Quantitative Analysis software which allows users to calculate the radioactivity of any radionuclide with custom geometries.”

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