Kromek to attend the International Security Expo at London’s, Olympia


Kromek, the Country Durham-based developer and manufacturer of radiation detection equipment will exhibit its latest systems and products at the 2022 International Security Expo being held in London. Stand A58 Counter Threat Pavilion.

At the Expo this year, where a wide range of national and international customers will be in attendance, Kromek’s focus will be on their range of modern, innovative, networkable handheld and fixed radiological detectors.

Kromek’s renowned D3 and D5 range of radiation detection equipment will be on display at the event. These can be deployed as handheld/body worn, platform or static options, all of which can be networked and report back to any local, regional, and national warning and reporting systems.

Networking can be by any communication mode ranging from mobile phones to static bespoke sealed and secure national infrastructure.  Backed by an impressive array of support options such as self-calibration and internal reportable diagnostics, Kromek’s aim is to support networked systems which provide highly specific and sensitive detection capability whether from a mobile or static platform.

The D3S and D5 radiation detectors are agnostic in terms of communication methodology, data systems and processes. The same is true of Kromek’s expanding range of biological detectors which are suitable for dealing with pandemic type pathogens or biological warfare agents. Building these features into their detectors is a key part of Kromek’s innovative, rapid approach to detector design.

Craig Duff, Kromek’s CBRN Business Manager, commented that “Kromek’s innovation is the result of many detailed discussions with our end users. Their operational methodologies and results are considered from the start of the design process.  Whether it is ease of operation, extra on-site working time, or small size and low weight, all achieved by innovative power supply options, or specially formatted data to inform decision making by commanders and leaders, the needs of the users are always first and foremost.”

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