Kromek Launches Exciting Volunteer Program and Embarks on Local Charity Mission


In an inspiring move that embodies the company’s commitment to community involvement, Kromek proudly launched its much-anticipated volunteering programme last week. By encouraging its UK-based team members to actively participate in local charities or community initiatives, Kromek is taking leaps toward making a substantial impact beyond its core business goals.

On Monday, July 17th, a group of Kromek team members flexed their DIY skills as they lent a helping hand to St Margaret’s Centre, a local charity close to Kromek’s heart who they have supported for a number of years. As part of the volunteering programme’s inaugural activity, the team dived headfirst into revamping St Margaret’s beloved craft room.

St Margaret’s Centre, known for its unwavering dedication to supporting the community, provides diverse services. Eager to contribute to the center’s vital mission, the Kromek team showcased their creative talents by giving the well-used craft room a vibrant makeover.

Applying fresh coats of paint and breathing new life into the craft room, Kromek’s team left behind a remarkable transformation that will inspire countless individuals who walk through St Margaret’s doors.

Kromek’s volunteering initiative, which emphasises empowering team members to contribute their skills to local charities or causes affiliated with the company, has been met with tremendous enthusiasm. This unique programme serves as a testament to Kromek’s unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility while maintaining a fun and supportive work environment.

Throughout the coming months, Kromek employees are excitedly looking forward to engaging with a diverse range of local charities, aiming to address a broad spectrum of social issues and concerns. Whether it’s assisting in fundraising events, providing hands-on support, or lending their professional expertise, the entire Kromek team is committed to making a genuine difference in their community.

Kromek’s dedication to developing innovative solutions for medical, homeland security, and nuclear markets is clearly complemented by its commitment to leaving a constructive imprint on the communities it serves. This exciting volunteering programme forms another stepping stone in Kromek’s journey towards inspiring change and encouraging philanthropy.

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