Kromek is exhibiting at CBRNe Protection Symposium in Malmo


Kromek to attend and exhibit at the FOI 14th CBRNe Protection Symposium and the Exhibition of CBRNe protection equipment at Malmö Mässan, Malmo 20 – 22 Sep 2022. 

Kromek, the internationally renowned detection technology provider will be actively involved in the famous FOI CBRNe Protection Symposium and Exhibition in September. With an exhibition stand and three posters, Kromek will be showcasing its world leading technologies to the international audience at this important event.

Kromek specialises in the development and provision of devices that detect and identify Radioactive, Nuclear and Biological Threats. A number of Kromek’s radiological detection systems that are in service around the world will be on show alongside Kromek’s biological threat detection system and sequencing platform, winner of the 2022 NATO Allied Command Transformation Innovation Challenge awards and is being designed to detect both natural and synthetic pathological agents. 

Of particular interest in the radiation detection arena will be the D3S, a very small, lightweight, wearable, and easy to use detector, as well as the D5 RIID, a handheld isotope detector and identifier. Both can be used as portable, vehicle-mounted, or remote system units, delivering hard, networkable, operational data to ops rooms, mobile systems, or smart phones. These detectors are especially quick at identifying threats and are extremely specific in identifying the nature and source of the threat.  

Kromek’s pathogen detection early warning system and sequencing platform is being designed to be both autonomous and operational from the field. In one, printer-sized, self-contained unit, known and unknown biothreats can be detected, sampled, sequenced, and analysed. From this, a continuous stream of useable data about the threat type, strain and any mutations will be provided in near-real time to those situated remotely. In principle, these units can be networked, enabling the continuous monitoring of biothreats over large areas, such as cities, national entry/exit points, or entire regions. 

The three posters entitled Kromek Static Node: Unattended Spectroscopic Radiation Monitoring via Satellite Communication’, ‘A novel fully automated and autonomous platform to detect specific airborne pathogens’ and ‘Agnostic airborne pathogen detection and identification via fully automated Long Read Sequencing’, all of which will be on show during the event in the conference app, on the symposium website and printed in the Poster area. 

Speaking ahead of the event Craig Duff CBRN Business Manager from Kromek said “We would like to thank FOI for the invitation to the 14th CBRNe Protection Symposium, one of the most important events in the CBRN calendar. We look forward to demonstrating our industry leading products and skills to the international world class audience they have assembled.” 

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