Kromek exhibiting at CBRNe Convergence


Kromek are exhibiting at the Virtual CBRNe Convergence event.

The event provides a showcase of CBRNe companies, as well as a packed programme of workshops and presentations for CBRNe and HazMat professionals.

Registration is free so have a look at the speaker line up, register and come and visit us at our booth.

Falcon Communications was saddened to announce that we are not going to be able to deliver CBRNe Convergence in person this year. They had hoped that since Massachusetts had been doing an excellent job in containing the virus, and with Convergence months away, that there was a good chance that the event would be able to go ahead with the usual social restrictions. So, while we much prefer live events, we are excited to seize the opportunities that virtual events provide us.

The event will be free for cleared individuals to attend. They have constructed it around a typical East Coast US day, with the usual two day event now running over four days, at the start and end of the working day. No more sitting at the desktop being interrupted by that email you need to answer, or the daily Zoom call! Now each parallel session lasts 90-100 minutes, and if you missed it you’ll be able to catch up by lunchtime. Finally they are going to ‘gamify’ attendance, so if you want some sweet CBRNe World swag you’ll need to ensure that you listen to enough speakers and visit enough booths!

Registration is now up and running, so click on the link and get registered –

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