Kromek detects success at the Counter Threat Symposium, Farnborough


Kromek, the County Durham-based developer and manufacturer of biological and radiological detection equipment, last month celebrated a significant UK Government Department order and hosted Col. Vityalii Kraskovskyi, the Defence Attaché of Ukraine, at the Counter Threat Symposium 2022 held at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Col. Kraskovskyi was briefed and introduced to Kromek’s suite of handheld, wearable and static radiation detectors, including the new Static Node R. The relocatable, highly sensitive radiation detection system, can identify threats in real time, allowing quick decision making, to ensure to keep all personnel and infrastructure safe. Radiation detection in Ukraine is a priority, with fighting around the Chernobyl and Zaporizhia nuclear power stations and the resulting potential for unexpected radiological incidents being causes for concern. Russian military activity around Chernobyl has already disturbed the radiation hot spots that had been identified and logged after the 1986 accident.

Kromek also demonstrated its biological detection capabilities to Col Kraskovskyi, its innovative rapid bio sequencer, the automated and autonomous technology solution that detects the presence of airborne and waterborne pathogens for a variety of sample inputs. During the Symposium, it was announced that Kromek had won a £4.9m, three year order from a UK Government Department for the development and supply of biological threat detection systems.

Craig Duff, Kromek’s CBRN Business Manager, said: “The Counter Threat Symposium was an excellent opportunity to meet current and potential end users and officials from around the world. Kromek was delighted to demonstrate the breadth of its radiological and biological detection capabilities to Col Kraskovskyi, and we are ready to support Ukraine to help them protect their citizens and infrastructure from CBRN threats. It was also satisfying to learn that the UK Government has put its faith in our biological detection capability. The recent pandemic has illustrated that biological incidents happen and are not something to be ignored. They can have a devastating impact.”

Kromek CEO Dr Arnab Basu demonstrates Kromek’s suite of detectors to Col. Vityalii Kraskovskyi, the Defence Attaché of Ukraine.

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