Rapid deployment of D3S

Well publicised events like sports, political events, VIP visits, pop concerts are a potential target for terrorist radiological attack. The D3S ID can be quickly deployed and create a concealed search and identification for gamma and neutron radiation.

D3S event case: rapid deployment for nuclear threat situations

The event case is designed to allow easy and rapid deployment of the D3S ID into any situation requiring nuclear threat detection. The rugged wheeled case allows easy and secure transportation of ten D3S ID units and paired mobile phones. The numbered slots make it easy to keep the paired phone and D3S ID units together.

At the end of the working day, the case also acts as a charging platform for the phones and the detector units.

D3S Event Case

See how the D3S can offer you and your event or city protection from the threat of a dirty bomb or other radiation terror threat.

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