Hidefumi Tomita

Senior Detector Physicist

Hidefumi Tomita, Senior Detector Physicist, gives an insight to the work he does at Kromek, as well as giving some advice to the future physicists out there.

Where and what did you study at university?

Particle-astrophysics at Boston University. My main topic of research was about dark matter and its detector development.

What do you specialise in now?

High energy/particle and nuclear physics

Why did you choose Kromek as a company to work for as a physicist?

The field of research and the type of business suited me well.The potential for solid-state radiation detectors like CZT in many fields really attracted me to Kromek.

Any advice for students looking to get into a physics career?

I strongly believe in the phrase, “knowledge is power” – not enough by itself, but it can certainly help develop one’s capability. Physics is a basic building block/tool in an effort of explaining things in the universe, and the more tools you have, the better. One can then develop his/her own methods beyond that.


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