Adam Tuff

Senior Nuclear Physicist

Adam Tuff gives us an insight into the work he does at Kromek, as well as giving some advice to those interested in a career in physics

Where and what did you study at university?

I studied for my degree in Physics and a PhD in Nuclear Physics at the University in York. Nuclear physics was always a very appealing subject because as with particle physics it aims to explain why our universe is the way it is by studying it’s smallest constituents. During my PhD. I was lucky enough to have opportunities to work on “big physics” particle accelerator experiments all over the world, and I had an opportunity to visit national labs like CERN, TRIUMF in Vancouver, Canada, and RIKEN in Tokyo.

Adam Tuff, Senior Nuclear Physicist

What do you specialise in?

I specialise in gamma-ray spectroscopy, the measurement and analysis of radiation emitted from radioisotopes which not only allows us to detect their presence through their unique spectral fingerprints, but which also yields information about the structure and nature of the nucleus. The specialty covers a whole host of knowledge and skills including fundamental nuclear physics, radiation detection, data collection methods, and simulation work, which extends into the fields of theoretical, experimental, and computational physics. I use these skills and knowledge to design and test cutting-edge radiation detectors developed here at Kromek.

How long have you worked at Kromek?

I have worked at Kromek for 6 years developing gamma-ray and neutron radiation detectors, and now manage a team of staff scientists.

Why did you look at Kromek as a company to work for?

Kromek is an ambitious company with a mission to create novel and vital tools for the nuclear industry, nuclear security, and the medical imagining world. Kromek offered an opportunity to work on projects that would have meaningful impacts on lives, and a chance to work on developing new detectors for a multitude of different applications.

What do you do day to day at Kromek?

The majority of my time is spent in the laboratory and at my computer analysing data. As Kromek employs staff with a wide range of skills and backgrounds, it is a great environment to work and collaborate with electronics engineers, design engineers, as well as production and marketing teams, to educate each other and take ideas from conception through to finished products. While there are less glamourous aspects to the job such as report writing, there are frequent opportunities to meet customers and other scientists, to attend conferences, and to work on collaborative projects both nationally and internationally.

Any advice for students looking to get into a physics career?

Set yourself apart from the crowd! Extra-curricular opportunities for outreach, work experience and internships, and science clubs available to you during your student life are invaluable experiences and will give you the edge over your peers when applying for jobs. Explore what businesses are around you – don’t just wait for jobs to be advertised. Physics-based companies are often located right on your doorstep, and many welcome unsolicited CVs – especially from pro-active and enthusiastic young scientists who would make great additions to research teams.

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