Planning is the key to consistency and prevention of another global disaster


Life as we know it has been altered by what the last three years has presented us with. As we now look to the future and what this has in store for us, we must do so with a sense of urgency and provision for being able to handle situations better. Whilst we still recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic, we’re faced with rising unrest across the globe in the form of a potential nuclear disaster.

As administrations across the globe now look look to further enhance their nuclear powers and reactors in a bid to reach their target of net zero, they must also ensure they are prepared and have all supporting safety and security measures in place to respond to any potential nuclear incident that may arise.

Not only do these plans have to be in place, they also have to ensure that they are robust and up to date. As nuclear reactors are updated throughout time, these safety and security measures also have to be tested, updated and adapted regularly in this ever changing world.

A key part of any plan, must be the sufficient technology to detect, identify and monitor the radiation from an event, in order for these administrations to optimally mitigate the effects it poses.

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We must be prepared and support each other to ensure the safety of our planet and everyone in it.

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