Kromek and Waste Management

With Kromek technology, ensure you and your team mitigate radioactive incidents appropriately and manage radioactive waste effectively

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Minimise contamination and your losses, maximise worker safety

Instant alerts = instant responses

D£S ID detector and paired phone


  • Accurate radionuclide identification
  • Alerts and isotopic data relayed in seconds via user-friendly mobile app
  • Lightweight and wearable
D3M radiation detector


  • Ultra-low false alarm rate
  • Constant monitoring
  • Unique spectral storage – stores RIID-quality spectral data locally for later extraction and inspection
  • Wearable, lightweight


  • Medium resolution
  • High sensitivity
  • Accurate identification of heavily shielded, mixed and low activity sources
  • Localisation mode – pinpoint the precise location of a source

It's optimal for Switzerland, where next?

Kromek’s D3S ID meets the requirements of the ‘Checking of waste, recycling and landfill materials for possible radioactivity’ guideline for the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

What does this mean?

“The amazing devices made by Kromek enabled our teams to properly identify the radionuclide and take appropriate action to mitigate the incident... Thank you Kromek for manufacturing such incredible devices.”

No more ‘SOS’ signals for SOS

Southern Oregon Sanitation implemented a D3M and D5 RIID to steer mitigation efforts in the right direction following a misidentified radiological contaminant.


Southern Oregon Sanitation Logo

The alarm's been sounded, what next?

Reliably inform clean-up operations with the RayMon

  • High resolution for reliable isotope identification from clearly distinguished spectral peaks
  • Dose rate and CPS recorded alongside other metrics to aid report-building e.g. GPS, photo, video, audio, user ID, date and time
  • Portable and ruggedised

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