Kromek and Waste Management

With Kromek technology, ensure you and your team mitigate radioactive incidents appropriately and manage radioactive waste effectively

Saving you time and money

Put solutions in place to mitigate radioactive incidents with speed and precision. Integrate Kromek’s radiation detectors into your site security system, and ensure you and your staff can react instantly and appropriately. Reliably identify the radioisotope mixtures present and which specific items are contaminated.

Minimise contamination, keep your staff safe and prevent whole site shut-downs.

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“The amazing devices made by Kromek enabled our teams to properly identify the radionuclide and take appropriate action to mitigate the incident”

A significant amount time and money was saved by Southern Oregon Sanitation when our D3M and D5 RIID detectors revealed a misidentified a radioactive source to be Lutitium-177, instead of Cobalt-57. With a difference in half-life of 284 days, extensive and unnecessary mitigatory action was quickly avoided, and the incident dealt with appropriately.

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Rapid first-line source identification

With Kromek’s high-performance handheld radiation detectors


  • Ultra-low false alarm rate – ensures site operations are disrupted only by a legit threat
  • Constant monitoring for personnel protection
  • Stores RIID-quality spectral data for later extraction and inspection


  • Alerts and spectral data relayed to user-friendly mobile app in seconds
  • Lightweight and wearable
  • Easily upgrade to the D3S ID with no physical changes to access RIID data in real-time


  • Medium resolution detection for definitive confirmation of isotopes present
  • Localisation mode – pinpoint the exact location of the source and material contaminated
  • Accurately identify heavily shielded, mixed and low activity sources


  • High resolution isotope identification to inform appropriate clean-up operations
  • Dose rate and CPS recorded alongside other report-building metrics e.g. GPS, audio etc
  • Ruggedised with an easy-to-use tablet interface for in-field analysis

Safeguard your site

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