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Using the RadAngel to test radiation levels and isotopes in soil samples

RadAngel CZT gamma spectrometer in use

This client is using their RadAngel CZT gamma spectrometer to check soil samples taken from areas around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor contamination zone. He volunteers his time to provide additional gamma reading from the area.

“I have been using the RadAngel quite a bit recently, I made a trip to the Kashiwa Hotspot, an area near Misatochuo where SafeCast identified elevated background radiation.”

“I was a little sceptical if their measurements were accurate and wondered if they had an out of calibration unit collecting data on that day, so I went to have a look myself.”

Having used Google Earth to identify candidate sites to collect soil samples, ideally looking for a building with a large roof that has a drainpipe that empties into soil. Our client took these soils samples for a full radioscopic analysis using the RadAngel as well as comparing the gamma spectra obtained from the RadAngel CZT crystal to one taken from a scintillator-based detector.

gamma spectra produced by a Kromek RadAngel

Gamma spectra from soil samples showing the sharp peaks produced by RadAngel’s CZT detector compared to the smooth peaks produced by a scintillator detector

The spectra peak from the RadAngel is much sharper and defined making it possible to identify the actual isotopes in the soil.
The scintillator detector produced much smoother and broader spectra making it impossible to be sure what isotopes are present.

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