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At different large-scale cultural events, the EU Protective Security Advisors and Police successfully deployed Kromek D3S ID detectors to counter any radioactive threats

At large-scale events, a radioactive threat could arise from any direction at any time.

How do you keep everyone safe?


The EU Protective Security Advisors and Police equipped Kromek’s D3S ID detectors to secure the area of mass cultural events against radioactive threats.

Supplying users with the power of a RIID in a PRD-sized package, the D3S ID delivers rapid, reliable gamma and neutron alerts along with isotope ID to the user via an earpiece or mobile. It’s difficult for the public and threatening personnel to spot, and even unnoticeable to the equipped user or dog due to its small and light design.

The discreet, wearable detectors were deployed at Sweden’s political event Almedalen 2023, as well as Estonia’s National Song and Dance Festival 2023, both of which were a success.

Keep everyone safe

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