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Protecting a border area with the D3S NET

A police officer and a D3S Net, it's a recipe for success!


Equipped on the harness of a police officer behind the wheel, our D3S NET quickly alerted the officer to a mixture of radioactive isotopes present in a passing vehicle. The rapid alert from the device led to rapid action, with the identified vehicle being tracked down effectively.

The D3S NET went out on patrol in a police car with a successful outcome!

Finding radioactive material at a bridge crossing

The D3S NET was being used by a police officer (as part of their standard CBRNE equipment) sitting in their patrol car watching a very busy bridge between two large metropolitan areas. On average cars travel over 30mph on this bridge which has over 100,000 vehicles crossing per day.

The D3S Radiation Detector was on the officers’ equipment harnesses as they sat behind the steering wheel of the patrol car. With the patrol car was parked 55 metres (180 feet) away from any traffic.

The D3S alarmed (the phone can also be set to silent vibrate if required) announcing it had detected a range of isotopes (the phone voice chip tells you the names of the isotopes it finds and can even do it in Japanese). The D3S identifies Gamma Isotopes and classifies them into Medical, NORM, Industrial and SNM classes. It can also identify the presence of neutrons, important to detect sources that have been shielded.

Quickly springing into action, the police officer turned on their flashing lights and siren, entered the line of traffic and used the D3S to track and identify the vehicle in question. Once the vehicle was pulled over the officers found out the driver had a licence to carry the Isotopes and sent him on his way.

See the complete D3S radiation detector range

The D3S is available in PRD, ID and NET versions. Each version uses the same phone and palm-sized detector. Each can be transformed into a different version with an easy to do software upgrade making the D3S adaptable and future proof.

See the full D3S range here.


Used by CBRNE professionals around the world

Over 10,000 D3S detectors are currently deployed protecting borders, events, vital infrastructure and VIPs.

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