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Kromek liquid explosive detectors at an airport

Keeping travellers and staff safe

The Kromek Liquid Explosive Scanner is primarily used in airport check-in areas and other security screening environments.

The Identifier Bottle Scanner detects the presence of hazardous liquids (explosives, precursors and component parts), aerosols and gels in sealed containers. Threats are measured against a secure, customer-specified database, which can be easily upgraded as new threats emerge. ECAC approved to the highest European performance standard, Type B Standard 3.

How the liquid explosive scanner is used at this airport

The client has a liquid explosive scanner in the main security area of the airport. It services all the security search areas to check any liquids or gels that warrant further investigation.
The alarm protocol used by the airport is that all liquids are tested if it fails the initial screening.

The Kromek liquid explosive scanner has made life easier and safer for staff and travellers

Before the bottle scanners arrival, the staff would use chemical testing kits. This required any outer packaging to be opened and the liquid container itself broken into so that the staff could dip test the material. This was not something that travellers were happy about. It also took longer to do than using the Kromek Bottle Scanner and needed more staff time and attention. The Bottle Scanner is easy to use and easy to interpret with a simple pass or fail notification.
Failed liquids are sent for further investigation.

Security Warning

This user story is anonymous. Unless given express permission by the user we do not divulge the location, names or specific use of any of our security products because doing so would compromise the security at the location.
We hope you understand.

“It is a reliable machine, there have been no negatives to its use. We still have the dip-kits as a back-up but looking back on the way we used to do things before the Kromek Liquid Explosive Scanner it seems very old-fashioned now. The Scanner was like going into a New World. Passengers realise the need to do this testing but that doesn’t stop some complaints about the inconvenience. It certainly helps that the Bottle Scanner is so quick and non-invasive.”

Head of Airport Security

Find out more about the Liquid Explosive Scanner

Although used primarily in airports the Liquid Explosive Scanner is perfect for any event or venue to screen for explosive threats.

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