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Leaving contamination at the door

Hidaka Yookoo Enterprises Co.,Ltd. strengthened their radiological mitigation capabilities with Kromek’s D3S PRD: finding the precise location of contaminants in scrap metal arrivals, and accurately identifying all radioisotopes present


Hidaka Yookoo Enterprises Co.,Ltd. implemented our D3S PRD to accurately identify which scrap metal items entering their sites were contaminated with what radioisotope(s). This allows radiation safety officers to mitigate radiological incidents more effectively, right before they begin.

Nothing goes to waste

Hidaka Yookoo Enterprises Co.,Ltd. bids, buys and auctions retail, wholesale, scrap products, as well as industrial materials no longer in use. They handle a variety of types of scrap metal, such as aluminum, copper brass and stainless steel, which they also import and export from other countries. With over 700 employees and several branches across Thailand, Hidaka Yookoo Enterprises Co.,Ltd. is no small operation.

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But what else is there? And where?

There’s a chance that any metal arriving at one of Hidaka Yookoo Enterprises Co.,Ltd.’s processing sites may be contaminated with radiation. Untreated, this could lead to further contamination of people, equipment, other materials and the environment, disrupting operations for varying lengths of time, respective to the half-life of the contaminant.

Therefore, Hidaka Yookoo Enterprises Co.,Ltd. sought out an effective solution to help identify contaminated scrap metal, allowing rapid mitigation to stop any incident right in its tracks.

Pickup trucks entering the sites already pass through a radiation portal system that detects radiation. However, an additional device was needed to confirm the presence of radiation, and accurately identify the specific radioisotopes present.

Effective radiological event mitigation

Radiation Safety Officers at Hidaka Yookoo Enterprises Co.,Ltd. were able to successfully deploy Kromek’s D3S PRD to mitigate radioactive incidents. Its portability, accuracy and ease of use allowed personnel to quickly and confidently find which specific metal items were contaminated in the trucks and with what radioisotopes e.g. NORM or industrial origins.

Hidaka Yookoo Enterprises Co.,Ltd. will continue to implement the D3S PRD to successfully identify irradiated scrap metals before processing and production, minimising disruption and helping safeguard their people, sites, equipment.

Minimise disruption

Strengthen your security with Kromek's D3S PRD

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