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Kim Stewart-Crossley

Product Tester

Where in Kromek do you work?

In the systems engineering department at our headquarters in Sedgefield, County Durham, UK

What did you do before you joined Kromek?

I worked mostly in medical device labs – I’m an alumnus of both Leica/Novocastra and Immunodiagnostic Systems (IDS).

What do you do at Kromek?

In the testing world there is no such thing as a typical day! As a Product Tester, I carry out final testing on hardware and software products developed by Kromek. This ensures that the best possible product goes to clients and customers – it is my job to protect the Kromek brand by testing our work as thoroughly as possible before release. I also carry out continuous improvements to existing testing documentation and draft new documents (where required) to ensure all products fall under the testing umbrella.

As Kromek’s range of products expanded, the necessity to have a dedicated Product Tester came to light – someone who can ensure that products are put through the correct final tests to prove they are completely capable of the functions they have been made for. To fulfil this role, they have employed me – having previously worked in QC, QA, and Systems Integration, I have a thorough knowledge of the scientific device industry and what’s involved in getting a product from concept to completion without losing sight of the customer’s needs.

What’s the best thing about working at Kromek?

The feeling of being genuinely part of a team and feeling like your work matters and you matter – I’ve worked in call centres and the like where you feel like “just a number”, and Kromek is so different to that. It’s also great being back doing the thing I love best – testing.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have two incredibly diverse hobbies – the first is that I coach allstar cheerleading (Fallen Angels, in Newcastle) and I spend four weekends a year running around a field being a Celt…I am part of a Live Action Roleplay system called Curious Pastimes 🙂


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