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Hidefumi Tomita

Senior Detector Physicist

Where in Kromek do you work?

In the Applications and Device Design Department and I work from the Pittsburgh office in Pennsylvania, USA

What did you do before you joined Kromek?

Mainly academia and small start-up, all in Boston MA, USA

What do you do at Kromek?

My main focus at all times is “R&D” efforts on various products. I have been working on General Purpose Cameras and D-Matrix xray systems mainly during last 2.5yrs at Kromek. Data analysis algorithm , system/detector testing, official NEMA reports, and development of data manipulation in effort of detector spec improvements. I have also been taking care of customer sites’ visits, demonstrations, and small support communications.

What’s the best thing about working for Kromek?

Lively atmosphere with strong smell of start-up, which works the best for me. Lots of opportunities on excising projects that are transparent to workers (at least so I feel). Capability of starting from scratch (literal baking of CZT crystals) to the final products (ie. GPC etc that is customer deliverable).

I do feel I have been blessed with great co-workers and bosses.

Did you move into the area where you now work?

I moved from Boston MA to Pittsburgh PA. There are lots of things I do miss from Boston, but Pittsburgh has lots to offer.

What do you do in your spare time?

Mountain biking, rock climbing (haven’t done much since I moved to PA though), running, working out, etc. I love physical activities in general.

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