Static Node Radiation Detectors

Designed for Radiation Monitoring in a fixed location, our range of Static Nodes are easy to deploy into areas that need heightened detection such as critical infrastructure, war zones or other important sites.

Static Node Radiation Detectors

The ultimate protection with our range of Static Nodes

Our range of Static Node Radiation Detectors have all been designed to be placed into high or higher risk locations where there’s the need for unobstructive Radiation Detection, from cities and airports to border crossings and war zones.

Static Node

The Static Node provides real-time detection, identification of gamma and neutron radiation inside a compact frame that is easily moved from location to location.

The Node can be easily left to provide unobtrusive gamma isotope identification and neutron radiation detection in any area that needs extra protection. The alerts and other reports are sent to the SIGMA Network.

Static Node R

A relocatable, static Radiation Detector that can easily be deployed to anywhere in the world that it is needed, linked up to a cloud-based network through cellular or satellite communications, the device allows your centralized team to monitor for illicit movement of Radiological Substances.

With solar, battery and mains powered options, the Node could be placed onto a lamppost, into bus shelters, onto the side of buildings, or in remote outback’s where people may see an opportunity to infiltrate the country.

Maybe you don’t have team members or operations at every border crossing, and you need a more permanent device that can give you the same information without delay, something you’re able to leave in situ. This is where our range of Static Node’s become a key player.

The Static Node is ready for your mission, whatever your mission may be.

Networked Radiological threat protection

Harness the power of the your own centralised or the SIGMA Network and Kromek to protect a city, border or critical infrastructure.

Using either of the above devices can be connected to an in-house or the SIGMA Network. Multiple detectors of different types can be networked together to provide a complete radiological map and alert system across a large area. Providing instant readouts back to a centralised location or control room ensures relevant and timely steps are taken in preventing catastrophic attacks.

Networked radiological protection of a city

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