Radiation detectors, security scanning and liquid explosive detection products for the CBRNe sector, border control, Homeland Security and radiological security

Kromek CBRNE Homeland Security products

Security screening and nuclear threat detection products can mean the difference between life and death: we have the products you can rely on to keep you and your citizens safe whatever your mission.

Kromek CBRNE Homeland Security products range from wearable gamma radiation detectors to x-ray baggage scanner cameras.
Our range of ready to deploy CBRNE products address the needs of border protection, transport infrastructure security, hazmat response, military and defence, Homeland Security and event protection.

We can also work with you to design the detector units that can meet your particular challenge, as well as advise you on a nuclear screening programme. Kromek has recently begun to work with DARPA on detection of pathogens that could be used in a biological attack.

Homeland Security radiation detectors

Core sectors

  • Security screening: We have a range of OEM components as well as ready-to-use products aimed at the security screening market. Our experts can also work with your customers to designed and build customised screening solutions.
  • Nuclear threat detection: we make the tools that are used by the agencies that defend their country against a dirty bomb or protect them from smuggled nuclear material. Our flagship product the D3S ID is a revolutionary way to quickly and easily deploy nuclear threat detection in any situation.

Core products

  • D3S ID wearable covert gamma neutron PRD RIID
  • D3S NET wearable covert gamma neutron PRD RIID connected to SIGMA Network
  • Identifier liquid explosive detector for use at events, border crossings, airports and seaports
  • LEADER liquid explosive detection algorithm for use on OEM scanners
  • Raymon10 handheld rugged in-field gamma radioisotope detector
  • CZT-based gamma detectors for use in OEM baggage scanners
  • Drone (airborne and wheeled) radiation detector systems

Why is neutron detection important for Homeland Security and Hazmat situations?

Our primary CBRNE Homeland Security detectors (the D3S series) use our high sensitivity thermal neutron detector unit. This offers world-leading specification in a compact form which does not need cooling.

Being able to detect neutrons is important because smugglers or terrorists are likely to shield the nuclear material to prevent its detection by common radiation detectors.
Gamma radiation can be blocked by several centimetres of lead, concrete or steel, but neutrons need several feet of water or concrete to block them.

So even if the source is shielded the D3S has a chance to detect its presence.

CBRNE Homeland Security radiation detectors

The D3S the modern tool for nuclear threat detection

Flexible, portable and discreet CBRNE radiation detection

Large fixed-in-place radiation detectors have their role to play in defending a location or protecting a border, but against an enemy that is fast, flexible and can travel anywhere, you need to be able to deploy portable detectors at a moments notice. It also helps if those detectors are easy to carry and are concealable.

The D3S the modern CBRNE Homeland Security radiation identification and reachback solution

The D3S is a modern tool in the fight against radiological attacks. It is pocketable which means it can go anywhere a human, canine units or drone can reach and is discrete enough not to be noticed and fast enough to identify a radioisotope or neutron source in seconds. As far as the target knows you are checking your mobile phone not assessing them for nuclear material.

The D3S comes in various models offering a budget-friendly PRD and RIID replacement, with better than RIID performance, always-on search mode, confirmation mode and reachback capability.

User stories

Thousands of Kromek CBRNE Homeland Security detectors are already deployed in the fight against terrorist threats

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CBRNE Homeland Security products

These are some of our core CBRNE products designed for Homeland Security operations. However, our core detector technology can be built into many more devices and many of our civil nuclear products can be used in security applications.

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