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Our years of experience in radiation detection have enabled us to produce high quality products that have been are are currently used worldwide in many research facilities and laboratories. Whatever your task my be, we’re on hand to guide and advise you on the best possible solution we can offer. Maybe you’re after stand-alone detectors that can offer Gamma or Neutron detection? Or are you after an array of detectors that can offer a more detailed, high resolution result? Whatever it may be, we’ve got an amazing team that’ll work with you to complete the job.

Lab research

“Flying high above the Red Forrest in Chernobyl, with a Drone and a Kromek SIGMA 50”

Using the latest in Kromek Radiological Detectors and Drone technology, a team from Bristol University and the NCNR (National Centre for Nuclear Robotics), have been able to map the Red Forest, Chernobyl.

Mapping the Red Forest, Chernobyl

Rapid first-line source identification

With Kromek’s high-performance handheld radiation detectors

GR Family

  • CZT-based high-performance Gamma spectrometer
  • Self-contained, with built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer and HV supply
  • No external power supply is needed, due to the USB connection.


  • Quantitative analysis wither in the field of in a lab
  • Customisable efficiency calibration
  • A high resolution of <2% and count spectrum range of 4096 channels
  • Its copper-lined lead shield minimises background radiation, without the need to cryogenically cool the crystals before use


  • A powerful and rugged handheld Gamma detector for high-resolution radioactive isotope identification
  • For advanced users RayMon contains a detailed library of the emission lines from 94 radionuclides. Libraries can be configured by the user for the radionuclides of most interest.
  • RayMon provides accurate dose measurements to the user from both a simple front screen and as part of a gamma ray spectrum measurement
  • The RayMon’s advanced one cubic centimetre CZT coplanar grid detector, provides more stable performance than scintillation-type detectors

SIGMA 25/50

  • Highly sensitive, fast, and lightweight replacing conventional photomultiplier technology with state-of-the-art silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs)
  • CsI(Tl) has a light output of 54 photons/keV and is one of the brightest scintillators known
  • As well as good Gamma photon stopping power this makes CsI(Tl) well suited for Gamma radiation detection
  • Kromek’s Sigma 25/50 are available with both K-Spect and MultiSpect Analysis software which provide the spectrum acquisition, display, analysis, and storage functions

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