Radiation detectors for in-field use

Rugged and easily transported radiation detectors for use in the field

Radiation detectors that are perfect for in-field use

We make a range of devices that are specifically made for use in the field. We also have a range of small, light and easily transportable detectors that are perfect for providing the detailed analysis of samples.

It is often safer, cheaper and more cost effective to conduct analysis in situ that carry material back to a laboratory.




Rugged detectors

  • The RayMon10 (which has an option for quantitative analysis) is our premier rugged detector and is designed to be used by professionals that need the best in one device. The Raymon10 is one of our most popular products and has proven itself in action time and time again.
  • Quant for GR1 is designed for in-vehicle use and features a shielded container around our GR1 CZT-based detector.
  • Quant Air is a CZT-based detector designed for in-field analysis of air filters and is used to detect airborne contamination.
  • The D3S ID, this is designed for security applications but at its heart it is a rugged gamma-ray and neutron detector that is designed to survive being carried around and lasts a full work day on one charge.



Small portable detectors

  • GR1: our extremely popular CZT-based detector is easy to carry (it is about the size of a lipstick or cigarette lighter), is USB powered and self-contained, with built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer, and HV supply all built into the unit. It was robust enough to be used at Everest basecamp.
  • SIGMA: our range of scintillator-based radiation detectors. Robust, small and light SIGMA units are perfect for use in the field and in the lab. Clients have flown them on drones, built them into large detector arrays and other devices.
  • TN15 thermal neutron detector: the power of a much larger, much costlier detector that can fit in the palm of your hand (equivalent to 100mm x 13mm Ø 3He at 4 atmospheres).



The D3S ID and the Raymon10 are perfect solutions for military and hazmat use as well as civil nuclear needs.

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