Voltage to Frequency Converter

The Kromek N101 Voltage to Frequency Convertor is designed to be used in a range of high-energy physics applications including research and industrial use.

N101 Voltage to Frequency Converter Module

The N101 VTF converter module is a four channel ultra-high linearity (<=50ppm) NIM module with onboard calibration capability. The Kromek N101 VTF is designed to be used in a range of high-energy physics applications including research and industrial use.

  • Input: Default 0 to 10 V (or 0 to 5 V internal switch selectable at the input of the VTF).
  • Output: Two independent but identical outputs per channel.
VTF voltage to frequency converter for high energy physics

VTF Features

  • Ultra-high linearity, <= 50 PPM full scale @ 1 MHz range Voltage-to Frequency (VTF) converter.
  • Measured linearity of some typical channels < 30 Hz in the mid-range.
  • Four fully decoupled independent channels.
  • Undetectable crosstalk between channels.
  • Immunity to feedback from large and fast-rising voltage swings in different channels.
  • Two outputs per channel.
  • Zero to 10-volt (or internal switch selectable 0 to 5-volt) input range.
  • Four selectable gains; x1 (accurate calibrated default), x2, x5 & x10 (<= 3% accuracy).
  • Accepts positive (default) or negative (internal switch selectable) input polarities.
  • Accurate 1 MHz clock output from internal 4 MHz common clock circuit.
  • Onboard ultra-high stability 0 to 10 V reference voltage output for calibration, (onboard pad for 5-volt output).
  • TTL output frequency range 0 to 1 MHz (2 MHz output is internal jumper selectable).
  • All frequency outputs, including the 1 MHz clock, can drive a 50-ohm cable.
  • Independent potentiometers for calibrating VTF & instrumentation amplifier modules on each channel.
  • Highest rated state of the art instrumentation amplifier and VTF integrated circuits.
  • Single width NIM module.

Hundreds of our VTF converters are being used by researchers in particle accelerators and synchrotrons all over the world.

VTF accuracy graph

The graph shows the difference in Hertz versus input voltage, which demonstrates the accuracy of the VTF.


VTF voltage to frequency converter accuracy graph

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