Tactical Deployment Detector Charging Station

Kromek's Tactical Deployment Detector Charging Station (TDDCS), provides a ruggedised, deployable charging case for our D3S and D3M Detectors, that can be used in command and control situations across the globe.

In the demanding world of tactical operations, where precision and reliability are not just expected but required, Kromek introduces the Tactical Deployment Detector Charging Station (TDDCS) – your ultimate ally in safety and efficiency. Crafted with the utmost rigor, this ruggedised case is more than just a transport solution for your D3S and D3M detectors; it’s a comprehensive mobile command center designed to keep you one step ahead.

Versatile by Design, Reliable by Nature

The Tactical Deployment Detector Charging Station or TDDCS for short, is not just any case; it’s a testament to versatility and reliability. Initially configured for our cutting-edge D3S and D3M detectors, this station is the epitome of operational readiness. Whether you’re in the heat of a military operation, the urgency of a disaster response, or the precision of environmental monitoring, this station ensures your detectors are always charged, always ready, and always within reach.

Features of the Tactical Deployment Detector Charging Station (TDDCS)

Ruggedised Protection

The TDDCS is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, from the desert to inner cities, ensuring your detectors are safe, secure, and ready for action.

Integrated Charging Capability

Return to base not just to regroup but to recharge. Your mission never sleeps, and neither should your equipment.

User-Centric Design

Inspired by feedback from those in the field – you spoke, and we listened. Every feature is tailored to meet the demands of real-world operations, from military engagements to emergency services and beyond.

Tactile charging ports for the detectors, alongside USB connections for phones.

The ruggedised, foam padded Peli-Case ensures up to 10 devices can be stored, transported and charged.

For use with out D3M or D3S detectors, the station offers resilience and confidence that your detectors are safe and secure.

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