SPEAR is a CZT based Gamma radiation detector and x-ray detector for immediate use or as the Gamma radiation and x-ray detector component in your own radiation detector.

The SPEAR is an ideal entry level, high resolution CZT detector.

The SPEAR detector is a complete probe, comprising a 5 x 5 x 5mm3 CZT detector crystal and low noise hybrid preamplifier in a housing measuring only 13mm diameter x 89mm in length. The probe includes a 2 meter long connecting input/output cable, for immediate use.

The CAPture technology embodied in the SPEAR detector allows the detector to offer improved charge collection efficiency, thus allowing for photo-peak efficiency, along with reduced tailing and improved peak-to-valley ratio for easier isotope identification and quantification.

These improvements are all made without the use of complicated electronic systems and are ideally suited for portable applications where weight, power consumption, and size are important factors.

SPEAR CZT based gamma and x-ray detector

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Excellent Energy Resolution

Kromek’s SPEAR detector has an energy resolution of <4% FWHM @ 122keV.

Low Power Operation and High Speed Detection

The SPEAR detector is perfect for prolonged operation with its low power consumption and high speed detection.


The SPEAR detector can be integrated into your own Spectroscopy software, enabling instant access to data.


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