Easy to use gamma ray radionuclide detector for sample analysis to test for radioactive contamination

Sample activity analysis across a pre-determined geometry

Shielded sensitive gamma-ray detector for quantitative analysis of low activity samples to test for radioactive contamination

Activity analysis for identifying and quantifying radionuclide contamination in low activity samples

The Kromek Sample Inspector is designed for the radionuclide activity analysis of low activity samples. It is perfect for testing radioactivity in food, soil, liquids, vegetation, etc.

It can measure up to one litre of liquid or solid using a 75 mm x 75 mm NA(Tl) detector operating at room temperature. The Sample Inspector uses the highest sensitivity room temperature detection systems available today and provides high throughput for multiple applications.


The Sample Inspector uses a one-litre RadBeaker made to a precise geometry to allow quantitative analysis to be conducted. The unit can be used for isotope identification without the RadBeaker.

Easy to use gamma-radiation radionuclide detector

The  Kromek Sample Inspector radionuclide activity analyser operates quickly, the activity can be can be measured in as little as ten minutes. The Sample Inspector has a distinctive style, with medical grade castors makes it easy to move around a location or even take into the field. The touchscreen and interface are easy to operate which means that once it has been set up for use it can be operated by someone who is not trained in radionuclide analysis – the screen can be set to register a simple PASS or FAIL and sound an alarm (if you want it to).

Reference Mode: set the Sample Inspector to search for the radionuclide you are testing

The Sample Inspector uses a sophisticated algorithm to separate gamma energy peaks within mixed radionuclide samples for accurate quantification of individual radionuclides.

It is already set up with three nuclides (Iodine131, Caesium134 and Caesium137) but can be calibrated with your reference sample and used to scan and measure for the radionuclide you are interested in.

Radionuclide activity analysis for low activity samples

High accuracy and precision even with low activity samples

Radionuclide activity analysis to test for radioactive contamination


  • Short measurement times for meeting or complying with international food standards
  • Lowest minimum detectable levels of activity available in the industry
  • Instant decision-making: activity can be measured in approximately 10 minutes
  • Visual indication – PASS or FAIL message and measured activity displayed on-screen
  • Kromek’s UltraShield technology eliminates the effects of natural background levels on measurement precision
  • Measures up to 1 litre of liquids or solids
  • Large touch screen, user-friendly interface and easy to use software with a clear indication of results
  • Adjustable alarm levels
  • Simple and quick to locate and setup
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Local language options available
  • Minimal training times


  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Decommissioning
  • Waste Disposal
  • Food Inspection

How to use the Kromek Sample Inspector

A user-friendly interface on an easy to use device

The unit is shipped with Iodine131, Caesium134 and Caesium137 already in-built but you can use a reference sample to calibrate the Sample Inspector to recognise the radionuclide you are investigating.

Quantitative analysis to test for radioactive contamination

Simple to use gamma-ray radionuclide activity analysis for low activity samples with an easy to understand interface and easy to understand pass or fail on your sample plus the measured level of radiation. Highly accurate so you know you can trust the results

Find radioactive contamination in food, water, vegetation, and other samples

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