Quant 4 RayMon

The Quant 4 RayMon eliminates the need for lab-based intrusive sampling and radiochemical analysis in order to determine the classification of the material

Quant 4 RayMon handheld gamma detector

Quant 4 RayMon, our quantitative activity analysis module, provides the complete hardware and software package required for accurate measurements of specific radionuclides.

Fully ruggedised for field use, accurate measurements of radionuclide activity can be made in field and labs with the Quant 4 RayMon.

The Quant 4 RayMon advanced high resolution detector allows quantitative analysis of isotopes which normally overlap in lower resolution instruments based on LaBr3 or NaI. This unique capability allows rapid in-field analysis and sample classification, avoiding costly delays associated with laboratory or radiochemical analysis.

The Quant 4 RayMon is simple to use for distributed or point sources. The beaker and sample collection tools provided allow either sample type to be accurately presented to the detector in seconds. Measurement time is determined by the required MDA and can be executed in minutes.

Quant 4 RayMon with probe, tablet and beaker


  • Rugged and easy to operate both in field and laboratory use
  • Provides activity analysis in complex spectra where normal detectors cannot be used
  • Can be used with distributed (soil, building material sample, liquid waste) and point source (air sampling filters, calibration sources) samples
  • Unique field reporting technology allows isotope analysis to be tagged to photographs, notes and GPS coordinates and reports to be transmitted directly from the field for immediate response
  • PDF reporting facility

Quant 4 RayMon Peli Case

Every Kromek RayMon comes complete with its own heavy-duty weatherproofed and ruggedised Peli Case containing:

  • RayMon handheld tablet
  • RayMon detector probe
  • Radbeaker
  • Detachable coiled cable
  • Wall charger with international plug adapters
  • Accessory/storage pocket

Quant 4 RayMon Extra Equipment

You can add additional equipment to your Quant 4 RayMon:

  • GR05 probe (for use on a nuclide source which is more active with a higher dose rate)
  • Docking station
  • Extra Radbeakers
  • Extra probes



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