Neutron detector: TN15 thermal neutron detector

Robust, cost-effective neutron detection without Helium3

Thermal neutron detector without Helium3

The TN15 high sensitivity thermal neutron detector utilizes a state-of-the-art Silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) and offers world-leading specification in a compact form. The TN15 surpasses the performance of a 100mm long 13mmHe tube at 4 atmospheres.

This highly compact device is completely self-contained, with a built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, pulse discrimination, and HV supply. The digitized neutron data is sent to a PC via the mini-USB which also powers the unit, so no external power supply is required.

The TN15 comes with K-Spect, Kromek’s entry-level Windows-based (7, 8, 10) software which will display neutron counts. K-Spect can be upgraded to Kromek’s top-of-the-range MultiSpect Analysis software, an application that allows connection of multiple detectors to a PC, and has the ability to display multiple spectra; both live and saved, from previous measurements.

In addition to providing the spectrum acquisition, display and storage functions, MultiSpect Analysis allows the export of data for further analysis as well as matching spectra to a pre-loaded library of over 400 radionuclides.


  • High efficiency
  • Excellent gamma rejection
  • Compact
  • Simple to use
  • USB Powered
  • Low power consumption


  • Equivalent to 100mm x 13mm Ø 3He at 4 atmospheres
  • Photo-sensor SiPM array
  • Thermal Neutron Sensitivity >50%
  • Maximum throughput – 10,000 cps
  • Dimensions 131mm x 33mm x 24mm
  • Weight 110 gram
  • Temperature range -10 to 40oC

The answer to your Helium3 detector issues. The TN15 can be carried in one hand, powered by USB and cost much less.

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