Live imaging scanning software

LISA live imaging scanning application

Live imaging scanning software for development applications

LISA is designed to get you up and running on your Kromek equipment in less that a day.
It uses a development platform that allows you to quickly try out new things and test your theories before committing to writing your own software. LISA is especially valuable when using the SPECT camera as the software allows you to quickly scale up the size of the detectors.

Specifically designed for Kromek detectors

Full control over your Kromek CZT camera system

Quick start and flexible configuration of detector

  • Full configuration of all camera configuration settings.
  • Allow or restrict access to all camera configurations: 2×2, 4×4, 2×8, QET, GPC FULL etc.
  • Ability to only allow software analysis only mode of operation.
  • Live capture and display of data.
  • Optional streaming of live capture data to disk (in both binary and CSV format).
  • Save spectrum data format files as a summary of the capture session.
  • Perform scheduled/repeating captures with (with count and time limit stop conditions) with auto-saving of both list mode and spectrum data files.
  • Perform full energy calibration, flat field correction and non-conforming pixels settings gave appropriately configure capture session.
  • Save and reload calibration file data.
  • View per pixel calibration data.
  • View calibrated/corrected pixel map capture data.
  • Save pixel map images as PNG image files.

Control over each pixel

  • Unprecedented control over image capture, down to the pixel level on the detector.
  • In-built safety features to help prevent damage to the detector units from setting a configuration that creates a conflict in the unit.
  • View live photon collection on a x-y plane.
  • View live energy-calibrated & flatfield (uniformity)-corrected photon distribution on a x-y plane.
  • Mask any unwanted pixels live.
  • Since data collection is live, a user can know if the currently-occurring image collection is a legitimate data set or not.
  • Collect data in a continuous series in a controllable way.

Faster and better image capture

Get up and running with your Kromek detectors fast and quickly run the tests and experiments you need.

LISA controls give you a much cleaner image

Raw LISA image without correction

Shown on the right is a  thyroid-phantom images. It’s taken with a Kromek SPECT general purpose camera.

The images are:

  •  99mTc-filled thyroid phantom (right top).
  • 57Co point source (left top).
  • 241Am point source (centre bottom).

Image with correction

Once the raw image is corrected in LISA: loading an energy calibration file, and flatfield correction file, only peak counts of <140.5keV +- 5%> are shown. These corrections cleanly removes photons with unwanted energy ranges allowing the use to see a much clearer image of the target.

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