Large volume static radiation detection units

Ready to be positioned above roads and other points of entry

Large volume static radiation detector

Networked large volume static gamma radiation detectors

A networked, modular, spectroscopic gamma detector that is a subcomponent of a SIGMA network radiological protection solution.

This is designed to be placed in traffic choke points, border crossings and across roads either on the side of the road or bolted onto a gantry or bridge crossing the road.

Part of the Sigma Network

Harness the power of the SIGMA Network and Kromek to protect a city, border or critical infrastructure. These radiation detection units are sold as part of a complete SIGMA Network solution,


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Static radiation detector specification

Designed to survive and thrive the rigours of life outdoors

The system uses an algorithm to maximise the detection and identification performance in low SNR conditions.

  • 16” x 4” x 2” NaI log detector.
  • Networked, sourceless automatic gain stabilization and calibration.
  • Absolute energy calibration accuracy and stability to better than 0.5%.
  • IP67 rated and suitable for operation in extreme environments including ambient temperatures of -40°C to 55°C.
  • Ruggedized design with internal thermal management ensures outstanding stability and reliability.
  • Modular design weighing 39 lbs, measuring 8” x 8” x 32” and consuming less than 12 watts average.
Static radiation detector are perfect for use over highways

Large volume static detectors are part of a total radiological protection solution

Networked radiological threat protection

Using the Sigma Network, multiple detectors of different types (large static, small node, in-vehicle and handheld) can be networked together to provide a complete radiological map and alert system across a large area

Networked radiological protection links many types of radiation detectors together


Networked and stand alone radiation detectors available

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From large volume static radiations detectors to small handheld detectors Kromek has the products you need.

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