Co-Planar Grid Detectors (CPG) are CZT-based, room temperature, large volume, high-resolution, Gamma detectors for nuclear spectroscopy applications.

Standard Kromek eV-CPG detectors are available in sizes of 10mm x 10mm x 10mm. Other sizes are available on request.

The CPG electrode design provides the basis for a significant increase in the size and detection efficiency of CZT detectors while achieving extremely high energy resolution. Kromek eV-CPG detectors are ideal for applications requiring high efficiency, high-resolution, room temperature operation.

The CPG electrode design offers low-power operation compared to pixellated detectors without compromising energy resolution.

EV CPG (co-planar grid) CZT gamma ray radiation detector

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Excellent Energy Resolution

Low Power Operation

Simple data handling with no data corrections or post processing required


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