Discreet static radiation detection node

Easy to move and mount into areas that need heightened radiation detection solutions such as critical infrastructure or other important sites

Hybrid gamma neutron detection with SIGMA Network

DS Node provides real-time detection, identification of gamma and neutron radiation.

The unit also captures images when radiation alert triggered.

Part of the SIGMA Network.

The DS Node can be easily moved from place to place then left to provide unobtrusive radiation detection in any area you need extra protection for. Internal mounting for the D3S providing a wired data/power connection and environmental protection; optimal for pedestrian chokepoints.

DS Node wall mounted radiation detector

Ready for fast deployment to areas of concern perfect for protecting critical infrastructure or other important sites.

DS Node part of a total radiological protection solution

Networked radiological threat protection

Harness the power of the SIGMA Network and Kromek to protect a city, border or critical infrastructure.

Using the SIGMA Network, multiple detectors like the DS Node, larger static sensors, D3S NET wearables are networked together to provide a complete radiological map and alert system across a large area like a port, critical building or even a whole city.

DS Node

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