DMatrix gamma-ray detector/imager

A perfect introduction into CZT nuclear imaging

The DMatrix Nuclear Imager is a fully integrated photon counting pixilated, 12-Bit energy discriminating CZT detector/imager. Modular design enables large field of view scaling.

The solid-state detector technology, cadmium zinc telluride (CZT), provides superior efficiency and energy discrimination capabilities vs. conventional Scintillation-based detectors.

CZT detectors coupled with Kromek’s advanced ASIC technology make spectroscopic photon=counting gamma imaging possible. CZT based detectors are rapidly becoming the technology of choice in many of today’s most advanced medical, industrial, and security applications.


  • High resolution CZT Detector
  • 484 Pixels
  • High efficiency
  • 12 Bit MCA
  • Integrated Electronics
  • Software
  • Real-time Imaging


  • Medical – SPECT
  • Nuclear Security – Gamma Spectroscopy and imaging
  • Research – Spectroscopy
  • Laboratory and Research Imaging



  • 216mm x 200mm x 93mm
  • Switches: Main Power, Manual HV
  • Connections: Power Input, External High Voltage Input (SHV optional), Ethernet Out, Analog Out (BNC)
  • Indicators: System On, High Voltage On
  • Carbon fiber window and collimator interface
  • Integral high voltage power supply
  • Software designed for Windows® and Linux®

CZT detector

  • 44 mm x 44 mm field of view
  • SPECT-Imaging Option: 5.0-7.5 mm thick CZT
  • 22 x 22 pixels at 2.0 mm pitch CZT detectors
  • High energy spectroscopy option: 10-15 mm thick CZT
  • Energy Range: 30keV – 3MeV


  • Neighbour pixel readout for charge sharing correction
  • Depth-of-interaction estimation
  • 128 anode + 1 Cathode channel
  • Timing for Charge Sharing Correction
  • Operating temperature 15oC to 40oC

Perfect for research projects to understand the capability of CZT. The Kromek Team can advise you every step of the way.

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