Networked static radiation detection node

Easy to deploy into areas that need heightened radiation detection solutions such as critical infrastructure or other important sites

Designed for radiation monitoring in a fixed location it is a small static unit that can easily be deployed and hidden from view

The D3S Static SIGMA Node provides real-time detection, identification of gamma and neutron radiation inside a compact frame that is easily moved from location to location.

The Node can be easily left to provide unobtrusive gamma isotope identification and neutron radiation detection in any area that needs extra protection. The alerts and other reports are sent to the SIGMA Network.


Using D3S technology

The DS3 Static Node combines our existing tried and tested DS3 radiation detection device with a custom-built hardware and firmware system which allows results to be sent to the SIGMA Network. It utilises an uninterruptible power source with additional battery backup if power is lost for any reason, as well as the ability to store measurements if the connection is lost.

Internally the fame provides a mounting for the D3S detector unit and a hardwired data/power connection plus IPS65 moisture and dust protection. The D3S Static Node can be mounted on a wall or a pole.

Discreet profile

A passer-by would see an everyday inconspicuous, opaque box with no user interface to avoid tampering. It can even be mounted behind poster frames or other wall furniture.

  • Plastic Enclosure Size: 180 x 255 x 66.7mm
  • 3.37 lbs (1530 g)
  • Gamma and neutron detection in one unit.
D3S Static radiation detector on wall

Ready for fast deployment to areas of concern perfect for protecting critical infrastructure or other important sites either as a permanent or temporary measure.
The D3S Static Node radiation detector is always watching and always alert for nuclear sources.

D3S Static Node is part of the SIGMA Network

Static Nodes connect to the SIGMA network.

Using SIGMA’s DTECT web-based user interface, each unit can be monitored in real-time on a map of a specific area from a remote and centralised location by trained experts in radionuclide identification. The location of all units is displayed, and any threats can be identified.

The SIGMA Network

The SIGMA Network, developed as a US DHS/DARPA program, is a comprehensive network providing:

  • Cost-effective, continuous radiation monitoring
  • Networkable systems covering large cities or regions
  • Real-time mapping with increased sensitivity

It has been successfully deployed in cities and with security forces in varying operations: urban, tactical and event-based scenarios.
Optimal coverage can be obtained using fixed location Static Nodes with Kromek’s handheld D3S NET portable RIIDs. This means that a specific area can be mapped and all potential
threats can be identified, with fixed Static Nodes working in conjunction with portable detectors.

Large volume static nodes and in-vehicle detectors are also available.

D3S NET web screen zoomed in

D3S Static Node part of a total radiological protection solution

Networked radiological threat protection

Harness the power of the SIGMA Network and Kromek to protect a city, border or critical infrastructure

Using the SIGMA Network, multiple detectors like the DS Node, larger static sensors, D3S NET wearables are networked together to provide a complete radiological map and alert system across a large area like a port, critical building or even a whole city.


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