Keep yourself and your citizens safe from radiological threats

The next generation in PRD and SPRD radiation detector

The perfect PRD for your mission

The D3S PRD is a high-speed PRD or SPRD replacement that is a cost-effective radiation detection and preliminary identification device for first-line users. It fits on your belt or even in your pocket giving you radiation alerts for gamma and neutron radiation plus the ability to identify what isotopes have been found. It is the only PRD that detects the presence of radiation and also displays the isotope identified and it does all this in seconds.

Always searching for radiation sources

Small, lightweight and user-friendly, the D3S PRD is a continuous search device that can be worn by first responders as well as customs and border protection personnel to quickly and accurately detect, locate and intercept radiological threats.

The D3S PRD is designed for:

  • Event security personnel;
  • law enforcement;
  • border security;
  • and other first responders as part of their regular equipment.

Easy to use interface

The D3S PRD personal radiation detector has an easy to use interface on the supplied phone* app with both visual and audio status updates and notifications.

It has two modes of operation:

  1. Dose only mode: alerts the user to the gamma radiation and neutron dose only. This mode is always searching so all the user has to do is carry the detector and phone in a pocket or pouch.
  2. Identification mode: alerts the user to gamma and neutron dose and informs the user in seconds of the isotopes found.

The D3S PRD personal radiation detector is a sensitive device with a low false alarm rate for wearable search and can perform preliminary identification in just seconds, allowing further screening and investigation to be done as needed. When a threat is found, you’ll be alerted to it because of its rapid, visible, audible and tactile alarm settings.

*Ruggedised (Sonim XP8) and non-ruggedised (latest Samsung Galaxy) phone options are available.

See how easy it is to use the D3S PRD

The only PRD that can transform into a fully functioning RIID with reach back capability

Upgrading the detection app on the phone changes the D3S PRD into a fully featured D3S ID wearable RIID, with no change to the physical detector or phone. You keep the always-on search mode and fast alerts and gain fast and sensitive confirmations mode (in as little as 30 seconds), reachback and N42 file format reports to allow more detailed analysis of your findings. All the things you would find in a much larger, less sensitive RIID.

A cost-effective option for operators

We understand money is tight, but with the D3S solutions, your budgeting becomes easier. You don’t have to decide which combination of PRD, SPRD and RIIDs you need because the D3S more than fills all of those roles. Buy it as a cost-effective PRD and SPRD replacement and upgrade to a full D3S ID wearable RIID when needed and then to a D3S NET version when you are ready to join the SIGMA Network in your area.

For police, hazmat and other agencies with hard-pressed budgets, the D3S PRD solution represents a cost-effective way to provide advanced radiological protection to your citizens, location and personnel.

D3S PRD handheld radiation detector

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