The modern PRD

A wearable PRD personal radiation detector designed for first responders, armed forces, border security and other CBRN experts. The D3M PRD's large radiation detectors mean lower false alarm rates than conventional PRD and SPRDs

D3M PRD wearable gamma neutron personal radiation detector

A high-performance combined gamma/neutron Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) that helps guard against the threat of nuclear terrorism and the illicit movement of nuclear materials.

The display screen shows dose rate, accumulated dose and dose alarm, alerting you via audio and haptic (vibration) alarms of the threat and helping to keep you and your team safe during your mission.

Big detector design means low false alarm rate

We don’t think anyone should have to make do with a small detector. The large detector volume the more accurate the reading and the lower the false alarm rates. The D3M houses the same detectors units as our D3S range, that means you get a state of the art gamma detector AND a state of the art neutron detector.

Find shielded threats

We want to put the most capable detectors in the hand of the professionals that are keeping us safe. Terrorists are more than likely to try to shield any nuclear source they are using, which is why we fit neutron detectors to our whole D3 range including the D3M PRD. Neutrons are incredibly difficult to fully shield so make sure you can spot nuclear threats insist on neutron detection.


Meet the Kromek D3M PRD

It is a wearable, concealable gamma neutron PRD which puts the power of a RIID into a package the size of a PRD. It is the new standard in portable radiation detectors.

Wearable, unobtrusive and hands-free it is continuously scanning for radiation: gamma-ray and neutron (so it can detect shielded devices).

No one can see it in operation, or that you have found anything suspicious. You can go anywhere a terrorist could have gone and search areas quickly and efficiently. Unlike static or vehicle-mounted detectors, a person carrying a hidden detector is tough to avoid and detect; literally, anyone could be carrying a D3M PRD.

Designed for your mission

Specifically designed for use by anyone, specialists and non-specialists alike, with minimal training required. The D3M PRD can be used by staff across a wide variety of sectors, including customs and border patrols, police, first-responders, at airports, event security and environmental monitoring.

The perfect device for anyone who is involved in the nuclear protection of an event, person or location or needs a personal dosimeter including:

  • CBRNE teams.
  • Border patrol.
  • Airport and seaport security.
  • Personal protection officers.
  • Police.
  • Hazmat teams.
  • Military.
  • Other professionals that need a small but powerful PRD.
Homeland Security radiation detectors

Download your radiation dose data

The D3M can be connected to a computer via USB or Bluetooth for data extraction using Kromek’s CIRIS software.

An SD card within the D3M detector can store over 100,000 spectral data files. The data can also be used for dose reconstruction, showing dose over time and accumulated dose.

D3S PRD personal radiation detector menu

Future proof - SIGMA Network ready

D3M can be used as a standalone PRD and is also SIGMA Network compatible.

When networked it provides detailed analysis of a wide area and shows the user local ID ensuring they are immediately aware of any potential threats in the zone of operations.

Networking is a powerful solution to CBRNE defence

Like most other things in life, a network is more resilient to interference and can leverage the power of the crowd – in this case, the crowd is made up of first responders, CBRNE professionals and others experienced with radiation to arrive at a more informed decision. If a team can see the radiation alert, it is less likely to be missed. The network can then keep track of a suspect package as it moves with different detectors reporting its location, narrowing the search until the location of the suspect discovered.

DTect SIGMA Network radiation detector control screen

D3M full specification

Gamma detection

  • Gamma detector material: CsI(Tl).
  • Gamma detector volume: 1 in3 (16 cm3).
  • Gamma energy range: 30 keV to 3 MeV.
  • Gamma sensitivity for Cs137 5 cps/μR/h (500 cps/μSv/h) Photo peak 1.2 cps/μR/h (120 cps/μSv/h).
  • Maximum throughput for gamma channel: 10,000 cps.
  • Dose rate: 2.0 mR/h (20 μSv/h) at 662 keV.

Neutron detection

  • Neutron detector material: Non-3He.
  • Neutron detector: 9 cps in a 1 neutron per cm2 field.
  • Neutron detector gamma rejection: Better than 10-7, meets ANSI N42.34 section 6.7.
  • Maximum throughput for neutron channel: 5,000 cp.

Operational specification

  • Operational battery life: 12 hours.
  • Operational temperature range: −20°C to 50°C, meets ANSI N42.32 section 7.1, section 7.2, section 7.5.
  • Device size (excluding phone): 5.2″ x 3.1″ x 0.9″ (132mm x 80mm x 23.5mm).
  • Device volume (excluding phone): 248 cm3.
  • Humidity: Up to 93% RH ANSI N42.32 section 7.3.
  • Moisture/dust protection: IP53 as per ANSI N42.32 section 7.4.
  • Communications: Micro USB, Bluetooth®.

Operational specification

  • Weight: 0.52 lbs (237 g)
  • Battery: 1450mAh Lithium polymer
  • Charging: USB or inductive charging
  • External: LED’s visual detector status
  • Device status indicator: External LED

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