Covid-19 Compos MV20 Ventilator

Emergency Covid-19 Ventilator

Kromek’s Covid-19 Emergency Ventilator

Compos MV20 is an emergency ventilator built in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Compact and rugged, the Compos MV20 ventilator is designed specifically for hospital use. It provides time-cycled, pressure limited ventilation (PCV) and, because it uses a jetbased “open” system, it is extremely safe with no chance of occlusion or over-pressure in the ventilator.

While hospitals have increased the number of temporary beds outside of the ICU and governments have built temporary facilities, the clinicians dealing with the overflow patients from the ICU will not necessarily be RTs or ICU intensivists.

These types of additional beds will often have different requirements to ICU, specifically, ventilators in these areas:

  • will be managed by people not familiar with ventilator management
  • must be extremely easy to use and safe under varied conditions
  • must be compact, easily managed

The compact Compos MV20 ventilator has a user-friendly interface and is extremely easy to use. There are virtually no setting changes required between patients.

Manufactured in UK by Kromek under license from Metran Co., Ltd (“Metran”), a Japan-based leading developer of medical ventilator products and technology to support the COVID19 response.

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Covid-19 Comps MV20 Ventilator

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