Kromek and Power Plants

With Kromek technology, ensure you and your team mitigate radioactive incidents appropriately and manage radioactive waste effectively

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“As a business, EDF Energy is continuously investing in improving safety standards at all its sites and the development of the Quant 4 GR1 has helped increase this capability”

When EDF called, Kromek stepped up to the challenge

Kromek and EDF Energy together developed a solution to one of the nuclear industry’s most intractable problems.


Developed with you in mind

Quant 4 GR1

Reliable and rapid emergency release monitoring with the Quant 4 GR1

  • High resolution spectral analysis of complex mixtures in the field or lab from a benchtop without need for chemical separation
  • Real-time results facilitates rapid implementation of vital response teams
  • Copper-lined led shielding to negate effect of background radiation


The CZT-based GR1 gamma spectrometer

  • High resolution produces clear separation of peaks in spectral analyses for reliable radioisotope identification
  • Compact build and small form factor facilitates integration into arrays and custom detection systems

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