VTF voltage to frequency converter module


The VTF is a product we have been making for many years now but it has not had much love online. That has all changed because we have just published a new page featuring the VTF voltage to frequency converter module on the website.

It is one of the more niche products we make but it is essential if you are engaged in high energy physics with a nuclear accelerator or synchrotron.

The VTF voltage to frequency converter module is sized to fit into a single width NIM module and has the highest rated state-of-the-art instrumentation amplifier and VTF integrated circuits.


VTF voltage to frequency converter accuracy graph

Graph showing Difference in Hz versus input voltage.


These units are made by the Kromek team in California who have supplied over a hundred high-energy physics facilities with the module and can ship them worldwide.

And of course, if you need some gamma or neutron radiation detectors to go with your Kromek VTF voltage to frequency converter module then we can supply those too.



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