Vacancy for Principal Investigator medical


Principal Investigator medical vacancy

We are recruiting a Principal Investigator to drive forward changes to the breast cancer screening pathway, which can lead to significant benefits to many women, through the development and acceptance of a cutting-edge technology.

Kromek is developing a low dose version of molecular breast imaging (LDMBI). We aim to use this technology to screen for breast cancer in women with dense breast, replacing mammography for this application. This has the potential to transform patient outcomes and women’s lives worldwide. The project, in collaboration with Newcastle NHS Trust, will develop detectors, collimators and algorithms to create a device which will be installed and tested at a Newcastle hospital. At the end of the project, the aim is to have everything in place to start a clinical trial immediately.

Critical to the success of the success of the project will be ensuring the technology meets the needs of the stakeholders, which will include clinicians, patients and commissioners. The Principal Investigator will work with all parties to ensure this.

Following a successful project, the Principal Investigator will lead the technology through clinical trials and adoption in the healthcare sector.

Principal Investigator – Medical responsibilities:

  • The Principal Investigator will drive the development of medical technologies, facilitating data collection and steering the path for adoption of the technology.
  • They should have extensive knowledge of radiation detectors, with experience in the development of detectors for specific applications.
  • They will lead the team responsible for the development of imaging technology, through the design and testing phases.
  • The Principal Investigator will map the regulatory and clinical pathways to determine development requirements.
  • Work with clinical, patient and commissioning stakeholders capture, and ensure the technology meets the stakeholder requirements.
  • Ensure regulatory requirements are met.
  • Work with pathway setters to facilitate changes to existing protocols.
  • Work with partners to ensure the technology and protocols are ready for clinical trials at the end of the project.
  • The Principal Investigator will work beyond the funded project, take the technology through clinical trials to market introduction, including improvements to the technology.

You can see the full job description for the Principal Investigator medical vacancy on the Kromek careers page.

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