Vacancies in North East UK


Vacancies in North East UK

These vacancies are all at our Head Office situated in the beautiful NETPark outside of Sedgefield, County Durham. We are a stone’s throw away from the historic city of Durham famous for its university and cathedral amongst many other things.

If you are looking to work in a wonderful part of the country for an innovative company that creates products that can have a massive impact on the way we live our lives then you should look at our Careers page.

Vacancies in North East UK

IT Systems Engineer

We need an experienced IT Systems Engineer to work in house to provide administration and support of both on-premise and global cloud infrastructure services whilst offering strong IT Help Desk break/fix support to a dynamic growing business. Our IT infrastructure is crucial for providing business needs and empowering users productivity whilst also providing support for strong business growth and scalability.

See the IT Systems Engineer, North East, UK details.

Image Reconstruction Scientist

We have a vacancy for an experienced Image Reconstruction Scientist to join our team and play a leading role in the development of an innovative molecular breast imaging system based on semiconductor CZT detectors. We aim to use this technology to screen for breast cancer in women with dense breasts, replacing mammography for this application. The position is a part of a large medical imaging project aiming to combine a new radiation detection system design with innovative image reconstruction theory and algorithms to reduce the patient radiation dose and the scan time.

See the Image Reconstruction Scientist, North East, UK details.

Simulation Physicist

We need an experienced Simulations and Modelling Physicist with knowledge and experience in radiation detection to join the same molecular breast imagery systems team as the image reconstruction scientist shown above. You will need at least three to five years experience of physics simulation tools, such as GEANT4, GATE, COMSOL or similar.

See the Simulation Physicist, North East, UK details.

Mechatronics Engineer

The Mechatronics Engineer will be responsible for the engineering hardware implementation. Working with the rest of the team, the Mechatronics Engineer will lead the design, development, manufacture and assessment of the automation hardware as well as owning all form factor and enclosure design.

See the Mechatronics Engineer, North East, UK details.

Equipment Engineer

We have a vacancy for an Equipment Engineer to work on bespoke complex electromechanical systems in a fast-moving, uptime critical production environment.
The role will start with a period of cataloguing and documenting the current systems, moving on to defining systems and procedures to maximise uptime and availability.
The candidate will be responsible for all areas of plant and infrastructure that supports the production environment.

See the Equipment Engineer, North East, UK details.

Closing date for North East UK vacancies

The closing date for the majority of these vacancies is the end of January 2020.


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What’s it like to work at Kromek

Team Kromek is made up of many different highly skilled professionals, from physicists to sales managers, and marketers to biotechnology engineers. Some of our Team have travelled thousands of miles to be part of our Kromek family.

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