See us at CBRNe Convergence 2018 Florida


CBRNe Convergence 2018 Florida

Come and talk to our Homeland Defense experts and see the latest in dirty bomb detectors at CBRNe Convergence 2018 Florida on 6 to 8 November.

The ever-popular, annual CBRNe Convergence, with the theme of Growing Closer; Staying Distinct: Merging Civilian and Military Response to CBRN and Explosive Threats, continues to be the must-attend event each year to network and get an update on the state-of-the-art in CBRNe.

Glad to be back in Florida for CBRNe Convergence 2018 we will be demonstrating the D3S wearable RIID designed specifically for CBRNe defence.

Defence against dirty bombs and other radiological threats

Just a handful of nations have the capability to make a nuclear weapon, but the components for a much simpler radiological device, often dubbed a ‘dirty bomb’, can be found or stolen from a huge number of places. In response, a new generation of hand-held radiation detectors has been developed to protect cities from a catastrophic terrorist detonation. A radiological dispersal device (or dirty bomb) would kill many in the initial explosion but continue to do lasting damage through radioactive contamination. The lingering fear of radiation in the area would devastate the local economy possibly for years.

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