See the D3S in action at SEECAT 2018 Japan


Kromek at SEECAT (Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism) ‘18

SEECAT 2018 is a “closed show ”for persons who related to Anti-terrorism that limits its admission only to law enforcement, government, municipalities, and professionals from critical infrastructures.

Kromek will be attending the event with our distributor Cornes Technologies. Cornes Technologies is a leading specialist importer and distributor of electronic devices, systems and equipment, scientific equipment, and industrial machinery, with unrivalled experience in the promotion, marketing and selling of new products and technology sourced from overseas to a broad range of customers in Japan.

See the D3S wearable RIID in action

Craig Duff, Kromek’s projects manager for Homeland Security and nuclear security product, will be at the Cornes booth at SEECAT.

He and the rest of the team will be running demonstrations of both variants of the D3S. The D3S ID is standalone perfect for rapid deployment at an event or border to quickly provide radiological threat protection. For networked protection using hundreds of units – e.g. for a major sporting event, border or critical infrastructure the D3S NET is the preferred choice.

The D3S is a step-change in protection from radiological attack. Rather than using large and bulky detection equipment to protect against radiological threats at an event, a border or across a whole country you can use the D3S to create a network of hundreds of detectors that can go everywhere a terrorist can go, are many times more powerful than a RIID and cost much less. The D3S is the new weapon against nuclear terrorism whether from a radiological dirty bomb or other weaponised radiological devices.

You can read more about the D3S wearable RIID on our website.

Testing the D3S alongside conventional RIIDs

Officers from Dutch Customs (while at NCT Europe) did side-by-side comparisons between our D3S wearable RIID versus their conventional heavy handheld RIID. Their views – D3S is as sensitive but smaller, lighter, simpler, cheaper and much more discreet in operation than a conventional RIID.

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