What’s it like working as a project manager


Louise has been at Kromek for ten years (previously a crime scene investigator) and has been involved in the development of some of our most ground-breaking nuclear detection products.

“The Kromek team are a great bunch, very intelligent, innovative and technically brilliant. It’s my job to make sure that all the separate disciplines are working efficiently together. Project management is often likened to herding kittens, and that can be true when trying to get different disciplines to work together and stick to the plan. It certainly helps that project managers are involved at the earliest stage of product development. The project team follows an agile methodology, so we move fast and involve the client at every stage – I get to run and host client calls. After all the work, when you see something you have helped build being used you realise that we are building products that have a real impact, they are keeping people safe from harm from radiation or helping doctors keep them safe from disease and that is a great feeling.”

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